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Highly interactive and relevant online training courses, that inspires change

Helping employees thrive not just survive, equipping everyone to have great and impactful conversations about mental health and power up personal and team resilience.

Be Your Best Self

Building personal resilience

Packed full of tools and techniques you'll work at your own pace and learn through interactive quizzes, games and videos.

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Mental health awareness

How those with line managers responsibility, spot poor mental health and have conversations about mental health with their teams.

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Understand the cause, spot the signs and know how to prevent it.

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Since 2006 Let's Get Healthy have been helping employees thrive not just survive, equipping everyone to have great and impactful conversations about mental health, burnout and powering up personal and team resilience.

Why our CPD training supports you and your brilliant people
Our CPD accredited training aligns health and wellbeing training to employers talent programmes, improves retention of your brilliant people and encourages professional development.
"69% of UK line managers say that supporting employee wellbeing is a core skill, but only 13% have received mental health training"

During the last couple of years, people throughout the world have become more self-aware about the importance of mental health and wellness.

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Brilliant feedback that made our day

"The workshop was really insightful it has helped me developed a really good knowledge of mental health and I feel more confident than now when dealing with mental health within my team if this ever arises"

HEADSMART - CPD Manager Training

"It encourages you to think about how can you make your life better. It uses good trust worthy resources and breaks up some of the reading/thinking with videos."

Be Your Best Self - Online learning

"I thought the Workshop was brilliant. The trainer was really engaging and helpful and got everyone involved and I really learned a lot. I liked that we went off to do tasks and watch videos and how lots of the team shared videos and talked too. "

HEART - CPD Blended Learning (virtual and online)

Ascend to Financial Freedom


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